Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sullen BDR Chief, servile BSF top boss

It was hard to miss. The mutiny by BDR personnel in Dhaka last month has left Bangladesh Army officers sullen and looking very cross. This behaviour was on display during the press briefing at BSF headquarters yesterday where the DG BDR, Maj Gen Mohd Mainul Islam was present along with DG BSF, ML Kumawat. While the BDR contingent was truncated for this bi-annual conference, which is not hard to understand given that almost all their top officer contingent were massacred by the mutineers, it was quite an experience seeing the head of BDR castigating his force in front of a foreign media in a foreign country. He was quite categorical in saying that the BDR had failed to do its primary job in securing the countries borders. However he was quite chary of revealing what the re-structuring exercise of BDR would be and what would be the name of the new force. But the Bangladesh Army does seem to have been hit very hard by the BDR mutiny. Maj Gen Islam termed it as the "worst incident in the world".
But while the BDR chief had a reason to be looking downcast, there does not seem to be a reason for the BSF boss, ML Kumawat, to be pampering the BDR DG. It is a phenomenon often seen in meetings held by the BSF with their counterparts in Pakistan Rangers too. Why they fawn on them while the other exercises restraint bordering on indifference, is inexplicable. But it does not look good to the onlooker. Hospitality is the keyword when a foreign delegation pays a visit but it should not be exceeded or 'overdone'. Also, an intriguing comment was made by Kumawat when he said that BSF would help Bangladesh to restructure BDR. Now what possible help can the BSF do in this regard? Will they offer their expertise in structuring the new organisation on the pattern of the BSF? Would Bangaldesh Army take their help in the first case? sadly, the BSF chief did not amplify his comments. But it will be interesting to find out what he meant.

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