Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Lt Col Purohit going to be dismissed?

I was not intending to make two posts in one day but some developments, of which i have learnt just now, force me to do so. As has been reported in all news channels (the newspapers have not paid much attention to it) Lt Col Shrikant Purohit, the Military Intelligence officer linked with Malegaon blasts, is now facing a Court of Inquiry. Well that is not true in the strict sense. The Army has not been given permission by the court to examine Lt Col Purohit. Given the fact that the inquiry is being held against him, it does not make sense to go ahead without the person facing the inquiry.
The grapevine has it that the Army top brass has made up its mind to dismiss Lt Col Purohit from service under the relevant rules. While there is no doubt that the officer has severely embarassed the service by way of his affiliations and political and ideological leanings, but he still remains innocent till proven guilty. It would be patently unfair if the Army chooses to dismiss him at this stage without affording him a chance to explain his stand or prove his innocence. Interestingly it is also being said that the 17 points of reference under which the inquiry is being conducted by the GOC 6 Mountain Div have nothing to do with the allegations against the officer in the court of law. They all relate to flaws in procedure and irregularities in his official duties which put him in contact with the undesirable elements.
There are eno9ugh examples of miscarriages of justice in the courts of law but the Army has to stand above all that. Let's hope the inquiry does not turn out to be witch-hunt which may hurt the image of the Army as a fair organisation.

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