Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Delhi Area throws its weight around

It is amazing to see that some senior officers in the Army just cannot avoid throwing their weight around. The Wednesday's incident in Delhi Cantonement where school buses were held up for hours by the Corps of Military Police and not allowed to proceed for the alleged want of security passes is an example. The Deputy GOC's version that these are security drills and that they will continue for the next month or so should be treated with the ridicule it deserves. Especially since the obviously vindictive act is butteressed by the school Principal's statement that even the electricity supply to the school has been tinkered with lately.
Could it be that this is a case of "admission-not-givinitis"? Has the ward of some senior Army officer been denied admission to the prestigious convent schools located in Delhi Cantonment? Or is it a case of the school over-reacting and running to the press to shift the blame on Army authorities?
Well since another school located in the cantonment has also made certain allegations against the authorities it seems that the Delhi Area has been rather fair in giving the rough treatment to the schools. Everyone has got a share of the rod.
But what one would like to ask the venerable Deputy GOC of Delhi Area is that even if it was a security drill and even if the teachers were not in possession of security passes, was it neccessary to put the children through such ordeal in the heat? Could that have not been prevented by the goons wearing red-beret? Should not the OC of the provost unit be asked for an explanation?
And why only the OC of the provost unit, the GOC of Delhi Area himself should be answerable for this shameful act.


  1. You have overreacted to the situation. More than that you have given such ridicules, baseless and stupid comments which are really anti Army and country. You have called the Army Military Police men as red goon’s well shame on that. (If they were civilian policemen you would have never called them that and you know it well). As per the situation in the world and in our country you think it’s good to avoid any security measures such as passes. The school itself is responsible because it’s not able to provide security passes to the civilians and that’s why they were stopped by the Army MP men in the cantonment. Army Cantonments are no play grounds where you can do whatever you like. Civilians in India are used to the corrupt system where they feel it is ok to bribe a civil police men or a civil servant and fell the same when they are in the Army cantonments. But the civilians should know when they are entering the Army cantonment they are under the Army jurisdiction. The Army has a full right to stop, ask, let go or even detain a civilian in the cantonment. Must say citizens of this country crib a lot against the Army which doesn’t ask the civilians for bribe, doesn’t mishandle the people, doesn’t pick them up and the most important doesn’t bash them up like the civil police. But whatever are your comments against the Army it will provoke it to think that they should also follow the civil police. Don’t you see that the Army has opened few roads in the cantonment as part of a good gesture for the civilians to avoid any inconvenience and have a smooth civil traffic to move through the Army cantonment. If you think the Indian Army is such a waste why the government do calls them when the civil police, civil administration and paramilitary forces fail. The Army is always called in when there are floods, droughts, earth quakes, planting trees in desert cleaning lakes, building bridges, roads, establishing the civil telephone exchanges, maintaining law and order, CI OPS, WAR infinity.
    Respect Army it is supreme.

  2. "Respect Army it is supreme"

    Absolutely right Mein Fuhrer. Heil Army, Heil goons-in-red-berets and Heil all those who make kids wait in mid-day sun leading to nose bleeds.

  3. I guess this is a common feature in the cantonment where the civilian have been told by the ARMY to have the security passes, but they never took it seriously and as a result they are responsible for it. They were aware of what could have happened, but still they did not follow the instructions for there safety and betterment. This time they better have the security pass to avoid any problem.

  4. Actually it is as per the whims and fancies of some senior officers of the Army who treat the civilians as if the civilians are from Pakistan. They should be made accountable and must be sensible enough to understand that it is from the tax payers largely from the civil population that the Army is fed and maintained and also the fact that after retirement these senior officers are going to settle down in the environment which will have more number of civilian population.
    certainly a thought provoking article.

  5. The article talks about the cantonment security, security pass etc and thats not the main issue. Its more about agianst the anti ARMY feeling and how to defy security norms.

  6. Nobody is anti-army. But at the same time stupid acts done in the garb of security cannot be condoned. Yes, security is an important issue in military stations and cantonments, there are no two ways about it. The civilians who live or work there have to adhere to these rules without fail. But in this instance, it was a clear case of vendetta. There are no two ways about it. And let me add here, even this would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the schoolgirls who had to suffer while their teachers were bullied around.

  7. The story is corrupt. News x is all anti ARMY. No video they have where there is a praise for the ARMY. Seems like Mr Chhina is paid well from the other side thats why he just criticize agianst the ARMY all the time. No positive reports by him for the INDIAN ARMY.