Saturday, May 26, 2012


Here is the Show Cause notice given to Col G Srikumar, former Commanding Officer of 3 Corps Intelligence and Surveillance Unit and now posted in a Infantry Division, which lead to the eventual award of 'Severe Displeasure' to him by the Chief of Army Staff, General VK Singh.

The officer has approached the Armed Forces Tribunal bring these documents, thus, to the public arena. It is important to note that Para 3 of the Show Cause notice is missing which is a legal infirmity. Also, the mandatory 30 days reply period, which can be cut down to 15 days in exceptional cases, has been deliberately truncated to 10 days so that Gen VK Singh could award the censure before retirement.

Interestingly, the officer was on leave and has still been held responsible for an incident which took place in his absence! Should not the officiating CO be responsible for this? How have the BGS (Ops) and the Corps Cdr been held responsible for the lapse of a Havildar or at the most, the OiC of the raid? Is it a clear case of vindictiveness or that of instant justice? You decide.


  1. Gud one...I always love reading ur posts....Gen is frustrated and needs channels to vent out the same.

  2. Legally, you cannot make anyone responsible for a crime or mistake when the person was on leave. General V.K. Singh has earned enough bad name to the Indian Army, and he is now all out to demoralise the entire rank and file of the formation.
    The entire country should stand by the former commanding officer of the CISU. Gen. V.K. Singh is a politician, and not an Army officer. Lets hope the new Army chief would now work hard to bring back the lost glory of the Indian Army.

  3. Gen V K Singh is a true army man trying to uphold the glorious past of the Indian army, sadly the new gen officers are more intersted in making money and accumulating medals to get promotions and it is well known that they plan fake encounters to kill innocent people to get some promotions and medals. Such officers must be dismissed from service without any benefits at all. These officers who are paid so handsomely have become dangerouly greedy for money and fame. People of India have little doubt about the integrity, honesty and patritosm of Gen VK Singh who tried his best to expose the corruption that is eating our army inside out. May God save India