Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Courtesey Virendra Singh:

Changes at Regt Level:-

(a) All offrs especially COs and above will use only one Sahayak that also only for making offrs uniform.

(b) The CO Memsahib will return the mess cook back to the regtl mess and will start cooking, washing.

(c) The garden will be manicured by the offr and memsahib

(d) The regt fund acct will be audited by the LAO

(e) No CSD profit will be taken to the regt fund/ mess fund. The rules of percentage written by the stupid British will be changed and the old regt fund rules will be burnt at Ramleela Maidan after Anna vacates it.

(f) COs/ offrs will return all the regt properties like Tv, fridge, and cutlery back to unit.

(g) All offrs taking tpt allce will not use mil veh for conveyance from residence.

(h) Offrs who have unknowingly taken tpt allowance and used conveyance will repent and will make a draft of the amount illegally taken by them and will give the cheque to Anna at Ramlila grnd.

(i) No veh will be modified. If at all a veh is to be modified offr will pay it from the pocket and will not use regt fund.

(j) COs will not use Acs in the office. It is not auth and we will not use it.

(k) If we use it at home we will connect it only through a meter and will never send a JCO with rum bottle to MES.

Changes at Bde and above:-

(a) All att vehs and pers will be detached immediately. We will live with WE auth and will fight with stupid IAS baboos to change the WE.

(b) If IAS lobby do not listen to us we will org a Darna at Ramlila Maidan and sort them out. Few from “ WE GNRS” who are specially qualified sorting out IAS baboos and their help will be solicited.

(c) For regt reunions the tickets for the Sahib and Memsahib will be paid by the offr himself. If any Bania offers to do that he will be shot.

(d) Brigs and above when visiting any station will not stay in hotels. They will stay in the mess guest rooms and will dine with the mess members.If forced to stay in a hotel offr will settle the bill directly with the hotel.

(e) Offrs will pay the mess bill in reality and not with a cosmetic touch.

(f) Brigs and above traveling by air will not expect a capt/maj to come to air port and bribe people and get the VIP launch opened. It is
authorized only for army cdrs and above (not even DGs) and we will satisfy with what is authorized for lesser mortals. (g) No senior offr will take rations directly from sup. We are all Anna’s soldiers and will be truthful and will get the normal rations from QM store.

(h) Chicken for the parties will be purchased and will not be adjusted in the rations.

(i) The present day culture of having ASC/AOC/EME COs more close to the General ship will stop. The fighting unit COs will always get love , affection and priority.

(j) The GE will be shown his way.

(k) If Italian marble is required for the toilets the offr will pay for it.

(l) Offrs with genetic “Italian” hatred will use Indian marble.

(m) Guest room toiletries will not be stolen. If any items are used we will pay for it.

(n) The sanitary napkin placed in the room will be used only if the lady requires it in an emergency. We will not carry it home for the daughter or grand daughter.

(o) The Maj Gens will accept JCO LO and the practice of detailing local staff offr( Honorable Batman to Memsahib) will stop immediately


  1. Is it really true? Is there a circular to that effect or any such document?? If so, Please email me at indologygoa@gmail.com. I want to spread awareness here in Goa's (army's) Mess !!

  2. No Anjali, there is no such circular. It is all in jest. Someone has taken a pun at the Anna movement and how it could eventually affect the Army. So you can leave the Army Mess wallahs in peace in Goa :)

  3. r u insane to spread such a rubbish things as if its happening in army?? WAKE UP !!!!..IT SEEMS U WANTED TO BE IN ARMY AND U COULDN'T ...THAT PAIN SEEMS IN UR HEART...HA HA HA

  4. Anonymous: It is so easy to spot spin doctors of the Army. So, you don't even have to be anonymous. You stink.

  5. uh... this is bullshit.

  6. Will the Army resume freehold properties without paying for them. Can the Army use defunct "British Cantonment rules" to grab "Fee Simple " Lands held by civilians "Native" property without paying for them?

    1. They believe they can. Use the old grant as their weapons & grab properties they like. No need to pay since the owner will be dead given time - even if he has agreed to sell the property at the market rates. The Minister should not know what sort of wheeling & dealing is going on under his very nose. everything in the cantonment belongs to the cantonment so why bother to live there. Their rules are different to the Constitution of India or it seems so!

    2. The answer is no. Some "BABU" with little knowledge of the English Language may throw his weight around by putting his thumb & "pull out a plum & say what a good boy am I".! Although they have a massive army budget they want these properties FREE. This is how they clog up the court hearings till the real owner is dead. The next generation has to then take up the case till it reaches the supreme court.


  8. Ridiculous. Such hyperbole is totally unnecessary, even in jest. And the author of this so called satire seems to be of a rather jealous bent of mind. Cf, items like "CO Memsahib will start washing and cooking". I know countless CO memsahibs who do so. But I know few in civil society memsahibs who do! Other points like officers staying in hotels, etc, I agree with.

  9. hi man,
    y u get irritated when anyone writes against your blog

  10. Irritated? Not at all. But yes, I do not care much for people who are MI trolls on the net who try to rubbish anything which shows the Army in poor light. And if they think I don't know who is who, then they are sadly mistaken. Each time they try to put a spin or make false accusations, they will get it in the neck. Otherwise, any other person is free to write against my blog.

    1. Cannot suppress the truth. As in 1971 the Indian Army could create Bangladesh, today they cannot do anything against China, Maldives or Pakistan. Terrorism flourishes in the country. The Army asks for more & more at the expense of the civilians. The civilians look on mutely, They can bully the civilians in Indian Cantonments but haven't got the guts to push out our real enemies. One Knock out blow should teach them a lesson but nobody has the guts!!.At the Republic Day parades there is a great amount of pomp & show nothing else.

    2. Take away all good accomodation for the Officers, JCOs, & Jawans because the "OLD GRANT" is still in force & will continue to remain so for a few more centuries. Who says that we became an Independent Republic because our 1835 Rules are still in force & will remain so for the benefit of the Armed Forces.